Welcome to the online shop everyone! This is actually happening, and I cannot even handle that you and lets be honest, my mom, are reading this. My name is Brittany and I’m the boss, the custodian and the most likely to be eating fancy ice cream at September+May.

September+May is a creative company where we risk in creating and challenge others to do the same through embracing process and encouraging the crap out of one another as we make, create and fail. I wonder how many mission statements have the word “crap” in them? Hmm. I digress…

The story of how this company came to be is all about risk and emotional wedgies. I was enduring a tough season of loss and creating was the place I felt joy in grief. Creating is vulnerable and I knew I didn’t need to impress anyone with it, I just needed to do it. Like a child approaching an easel with an oversized smock and no idea what hand they write with, I wondered down the craft store aisles picked up a scrap bag of leather and watched some YouTube videos about jewelry findings. I ended up making a pair of leather earrings for myself and my friends, and those faithful earrings are what started this business. Correction, the earrings and the incredible encouragement of my friends started this. Their belief helped me risk in creating, and I hope this space puts bravery in you to create things that are meaningful, beautiful and full of life. If I can cheer you on, I want to. Consider me on your team. Make some space to contact us and tell us how we can root for you!

Thank you so much for supporting this shop and being a part of this story.